Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh To Be Blogging

I've been on a "had to get a day job" hiatus and my blog has suffered because of it! However, I am still finding time to do small decor projects and will post those pics soon! At the moment we are on a beach vacation at Carolina Beach, NC. Very cool throw back beach town. Found it thanks to Sarah Jean. Our place is bare bones and a throw back to places my Mom took us on vacation when Tommy and I were just little kids. VERY retro. Day 4 and I've finally hit my "mute button" to all the noise and enjoying relaxing with Tom, the kids and our now growing dog family of three. Darren picked up Trooper a few months ago. Sad that Leslie couldn't join us.  The beaches are fabulous...We like to drive on and unpack from the truck right there on the sand. FUN! Hope everyone is finding some time to get away and enjoy a lazy day or two.

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