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Decorating Intervention

Not advice, just some thoughts.

I don't prefer "a look" as much as I prefer ambiance, a tone and mood in a room. Peaceful - Quiet - Cozy - Edgy - Eclectic - Fun - etc..but it all has to tie back to me and my family in a personal way.

I prefer a room that is edited or diffused,  than one that is cluttered and draped with every bell and whistle that shows up in the current trends. I take away more than I add or I do nothing... while I wait for a sign and/or that next gotta have it inspirational piece. 

With a friend or a client the first thing I strongly convey is "it takes time".  Let it happen. I don't really ever want to  get to the end of my home projects but we all want to get over the artistic block or hurdle and have it come together.  I don't want my house or anyone else's to ever look or feel decorated. Our home is personal.

If you find a something that really inspires you,  don't be afraid to change every thing in a space to make it work. Forget any "rules". It is easy to get overwhelmed but change in any room will give you a new and refreshed perspective. Once I make changes, I usually want to hang out in that space more than others.

I consult my girlfriends! Who I have known and who have known me for many moons.  They have fabulous ideas and input. I love that. 

I am a hoarder of  interior magazines and don't throw them out. I tear out anything that really hits me and put in a binder or post on an idea board so that I will remember to revisit. Even with the Internet....I am a magazine and book girl. To cut costs,  I got rid of all personal subscriptions but often pick up old & the  expensive mags at thrift stores for next to nothing or free!

We all have a style that is uniquely us. I repeat, you do have your own style that is uniquely you. Get some input to help you define it. DON'T be someone else's vanilla and don't be your neighbor. 


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My new ride!

Antique White 63 Impala! Kidding..I wish!

Fall Fabulicious

What fabulous weather we are enjoying. Everything is changing.... the landscape, interiors, weather, fashions and food.
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Delicious Doors

I am loving all of these delicious salvage, repurposed and inspired doors!!

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I love these pretty creative spaces. They definitely inspire!
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

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LUV these Daring rooms with loads of color & texture.

Hunt & Gather September Barn Sale

Our September Barn Sale Bonanza will be September 15th & 16th (11-4).  Come get your Fall On Ya'll!!! 14872 Loyalty Road Waterford VA 20197. Multiple dealers. Great mix of vintage, collectables, shabby chic, mid century, french and rustic treasures.

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This is so adorable!

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Call it Lucite...Call it Acrylic...I Call it Chic

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Charity Polo Tournament Help Freddie Walk

Please spend a little time getting to know their story and if you can spend a little money supporting this family and Freddie's desire to walk again.

HuntNGather May Barn Sale

Hunt & Gather will be hosting two events May 19-May 20th.  We will have our monthly  Mega Barn Sale in Waterford VA as well as a Mega Tent Tag Sale at the Lucketts Spring Market. These two events are 2 miles apart. We will have original swanky art. Also hip mid century modern, vintage, shabbulous and industrial swag. This is a weekend not to miss!

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Hunt & Gather Barn Sale Bonanza This Saturday & Sunday!

Vintage Wednesday

I have this zebra fabric on my dining chairs and used for a client's headboard!

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Have Faith

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