Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cottage Cozy

From Collages
Our cozy clover cottage. Surrounding us in meaningful and spiritual pieces gives me comfort. Finding treasures again that invoke peace and calm is a blessing for which I am grateful. FYI, the statue without the head was not always headless. There was a mishap and "Our Blessed Mother" fell off a table but was severed almost perfectly. I do still have her beautiful head. Not to worry. My prayers and thoughts are with Weeza and Angelou as we all mourn with her the loss of her Cali. She has crossed over to join the Lizzy Arc in the heavens. Where they all bring joy and comfort to Liz who escorts their safe passage into eternity. Godspeed Cali. God Bless you Weeza and Thank You Lizzy. Angelou will see you through.

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