Monday, September 24, 2012

Decorating Intervention

Not advice, just some thoughts.

I don't prefer "a look" as much as I prefer ambiance, a tone and mood in a room. Peaceful - Quiet - Cozy - Edgy - Eclectic - Fun - etc..but it all has to tie back to me and my family in a personal way.

I prefer a room that is edited or diffused,  than one that is cluttered and draped with every bell and whistle that shows up in the current trends. I take away more than I add or I do nothing... while I wait for a sign and/or that next gotta have it inspirational piece. 

With a friend or a client the first thing I strongly convey is "it takes time".  Let it happen. I don't really ever want to  get to the end of my home projects but we all want to get over the artistic block or hurdle and have it come together.  I don't want my house or anyone else's to ever look or feel decorated. Our home is personal.

If you find a something that really inspires you,  don't be afraid to change every thing in a space to make it work. Forget any "rules". It is easy to get overwhelmed but change in any room will give you a new and refreshed perspective. Once I make changes, I usually want to hang out in that space more than others.

I consult my girlfriends! Who I have known and who have known me for many moons.  They have fabulous ideas and input. I love that. 

I am a hoarder of  interior magazines and don't throw them out. I tear out anything that really hits me and put in a binder or post on an idea board so that I will remember to revisit. Even with the Internet....I am a magazine and book girl. To cut costs,  I got rid of all personal subscriptions but often pick up old & the  expensive mags at thrift stores for next to nothing or free!

We all have a style that is uniquely us. I repeat, you do have your own style that is uniquely you. Get some input to help you define it. DON'T be someone else's vanilla and don't be your neighbor. 



  1. Great post!! I LOVE it!! And I am also a hoarder of interior whole family thinks I should pitch them but I find inspiration in them season after season. =)


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