Monday, May 11, 2009

Eat the Cheeseburger!

Quote from a gay decorating blogger who has a very popular site Decorno. He is my new favorite bitch. For the record, I love Rachel Zoe. Stylist to the stars. I love her style. She looks like that because she is a workaholic, doesn't hydrate and needs a vacation...ok and a cheeseburger.

--That face. It's the face you get if you've chain-smoked Lucky Strikes since middle school and used your head as a catcher's mitt. (Confidential to Zoe: It's called sunscreen, La Mer, and eating a big fat burger every now and then, Rachel... as you age you can either keep your ass or your face, and you should pick door #2, my friend.)

Checkout his Things That Are Wrong lists.

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