Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Puppy

I just can't get in to "busy" when winter hits. I like indoor projects. No shopping. No driving. No freezing. I crave quiet, music and warmth. Why then did I think we needed a puppy?! She wants to be outside, likes the cold, wants to socialize with everything and anything. I have been outside in the tundra at Clover Hill 14 times per day for potty training etc. She drags me slipping and sliding in my non tread Costco Uggs acrosss the hills and through the trees.  She is cute though!


  1. YOU HAVE A NEW PUPPY????? Oh,congratulations, Amy!

    Obviously, something in you knew you needed to get out of the house, get more exercise, and have more social interaction, winter or not, so you picked a puppy to MAKE you do all of the above.

    Hugs and kisses to the winter puppy and to you, too!

    xo Kathie

  2. Cutest thing ever!!! Love You!!



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