Monday, March 29, 2010

Cow Calling

This image reminded me of a "cow tale" of my own. We had just recently moved in to our cabin in Round Hill in 2002. City girl from Arlington gone country. Round Hill and Purcellville were still quite small town. Pville had one traffic light. One grocery store if you call Food Lion a grocery store. Al's Pizza and the White Palace were the only restaurants. We moved in during a blizzard on President's Day weekend. I had taken a few days off to get moved in. On my first morning back to work. I looked out our bedroom window and was astonished to see 6 huge heifers milling around in our driveway and yard!!! I had to call my boss and left a vm saying...ok so I know this sounds as far fetched as it gets but I am going to be late getting in because I have a herd of cows surrounding my car. Our neighbor from "down the way" came moseying up with coffee in hand and scratching his head....he and his wife became good neighbor friends of ours.

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