Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I Learned on Saturday Night

Saturday was one of those uber fabulous- long time coming - Girl's Saturday Nights. Enter my "Southie Gal Pal" Maria who flew in from Boston...with a layover I tell ya. Never mind she landed on Friday night at Midnight. That didn't prevent us from giggling till 4am. Ok back to Saturday. Beautiful weather, poking at Sarah Jean's Yard Sale, Slices of Pie from Al's Pizza in Purcellville. Sun shining all the while. Back to Clover. Enter Sarah and Kathie (our new BFF) and let the fun and festivities begin. We broke in the Urban Cowgirl Love Shack in only the way 4 women can...laughing till we er..ok it was I that peed my pants. There was a woman there that each of us had never met before much less peed our pants with! We laughed, got philosophical, ate, danced, and drank much. We had great tunes in the background and sweet "Babygirls" Faith watching over us.

So things I learned

1. Get in the car, train and/or plane and GO see a girlfriend who plasters the cracks, makes you laugh HARD and no matter how much time has elapsed you just love love love her all over again and then some.
2. The older I get spontanaeity eludes me. Ditch it once in a while and let loose.
3. I need to pre-cook and get food and staples set up for quests before I start drinking red wine. HOW DO I NOT KNOW THIS BY NOW!?
4. Tommy is a SAINT. I was such a BRAT when he got home Sunday morning and Maria and I were HUNGTHEHELLOVER. He makes coffee for me no matter what.
5. HELL-O still have zero build up tolerance and there is no platuea when you drink your beloved red wine. And that is OK! Once in a while.
6. When I am around newer friends I always miss my oldest friends more and appeciate the newer ones.
7. Whether you liken yourself Skinny or's all a state of mind. Ditch this too!
8. Girlfriends promote an attitude of gratitude. I just don't know where I'd be.....
9. I have an affection for seeing my life through someone else's eyes. More gratitude!
10. As complex as we may be..we can rock it!


  1. Yes, oh yes, it was the ultimate girls night! Things I learned:
    I love Amy. Always have, always will.
    I love Kathie and I'm glad you did too.
    I love Maria, thank you for introducing us :)
    My face still hurts from laughing.

  2. What I learned...

    The older I get the richer my connections with new and interesting women are becoming.
    I love Amy, even when she's a brat. But mostly she's just amazing.
    I love Sarah and Kathie. My kind of hippy sistas.
    I learned how to make a mean iced green tea with cucumber and mint (Thanks Ames)
    I learned that I should close my mouth when I take my own picture.
    I learned that at 48 I still can play like I'm 5. God my poor bladder!
    Pictures are coming your way ladies...Sarah & Kathie- till next time.
    Ames- I got rid of anything incriminating.


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